DIY Budget Friendly Christmas Throw Pillows


I decided for Christmas I would do several DIY decor projects that were easy and budget friendly. I wanted some throw pillows for my couch and managed to make pillows for less than 5 dollars and without having to sew anything together.

I think that throw pillows really enhance or accentuate a sofa or love seat so I was very pleased that I was able to make my own and stay within budget. With the holidays approaching it’s nice to buy inexpensive things as much as I can instead of constantly breaking the bank.

If you’re interested in learning how I made these beautiful throw pillows please read the directions below. There is also a video tutorial linked down below if you prefer video instead.


2 dollar tree Christmas Mats

1 Pillow from Walmart (2 dollars), You can use the one pillow to make 4 or 5 pillows.

Hot glue gun



  1. Line up the 2 place mats.
  2. Glue all three sides of one place mat to the next place mat. Leave one side open so we can add in the cotton.
  3. Cut open the Walmart pillow
  4. Add the cotton from that pillow into the 2 place mats.
  5. Glue the last side of the place mats together.


48 thoughts on “DIY Budget Friendly Christmas Throw Pillows”

  1. These are so cute!! I feel like making something like this gives it a little more of a story and makes it even more special. These look totally doable over a weekend too which is perfect!

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  2. I didn’t really have the time to get ready for Christmas like I wanted in my new apartment. I am going to be ready next year and I’m going to save this post so I can make some of them for next year. I will be better prepared as I plan to take the entire year to make DIY Christmas projects.

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