DIY Christmas Snow Globe Candle Holders

Christmas is quickly approaching with only two more days until the big day. I’m pretty content with the decorations I have so far but I wanted one extra touch.

I decided I would make these beautiful Christmas Snow Globes that can hold candles. I got the candle holders for one dollar from the dollar tree. However, you can use Mason jars or what or type jar you choose to use. I LOVE candles so I chose candle holders. I also LOVE inexpensive things that I can make beautiful so the price was perfect.

To create the globes you’ll need the following materials below.


Candle holder or Mason jar

Tacky glue

Epsom salt

White glitter


Decorative plants

Hot glue gun


Paint brush


1. Mix 1 cup of Epsom salt with 1 Tablespoon of glitter.

2. Paint the tacky glue all over the candle holder or Mason jar until it is completely covered.

3. Sprinkle the Epsom salt mixture all over the candle holder or Mason jar until completely filled and let dry.

4. Wrap the twine around the jar.

5. Hot glue any berries or plants onto the twine for decoration.




44 thoughts on “DIY Christmas Snow Globe Candle Holders”

  1. Those are awesome. I’m pretty crafty and I have a mantle in my new place. These are just the thing. I was thinking they can also be made to look like sand for the Summer. Thanks for the ideas 🙂

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  2. These are marvellous and so simple to make. A great idea when you are out of ideas or need to take some old decorations and do a revamp. Nearly everyone has decorative plants attached to an old present that can be reused to make this candle holder.

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  3. I swear by next Christmas I will be so prepared in my decorations! Between your wreaths on a previous post& the jars I will be envied!


  4. These candle holders are so beautiful! My favorite part about this is how you added those decorative plants at the top. I can see this being a project in our home sometime soon.

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