How To Knit a Dishcloth – Garter Stitch

I decided I wanted to start knitting using the basic knit stitch which is also known as the garter stitch. When most people start knitting they typically start off by knitting a dishcloth or washcloth as these are very quick to knit and super easy.

I decided I needed to pick up some yarn because all of the yarn I own is made with acrylic. I went to my local Walmart because I didn’t have time to make it to the local yarn stores I usually shop at. I could only find one brand of 100% cotton yarn, which was the brand peaches and cream.

I recommend 100% cotton yarn because it will be less likely to shrink when washing as with some of the acrylic yarns.

This was my first time working with cotton yarn. I loved that it was less likely to fuzz up like acrylic yarn and I didn’t have to worry about accidentally breaking the yarn. I really enjoyed it and absolutely love the bright colors. I ended up buying almost every color they had with plans to make many different wash cloths with different patterns. I’m still a beginner knitter so I’m not sure how many different patterns I’ll really be able to create but I look forward to trying out different things. I hope you all come along with me on this journey.

If you’re interested in learning how I created this dishcloth please continue reading for the pattern. I also have a video tutorial below.


100% cotton yarn

Knitting needle


Yarn needle


Cast on 40 stitches

Knit all stitches until you reach a square shape. You can knit to your desired length.

Bind off.

Use the yarn needle to weave in the tails.



42 thoughts on “How To Knit a Dishcloth – Garter Stitch”

  1. I am not too sure if I would make this and use it for a dishcloth it is far too pretty to be used as a dishcloth. Most likely I would use it for something else.

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  2. It’s wonderful you have found a pass time that you desire and love. Knitting can be so calming and bring you peace. Your dish clothes have such bright colours and professionally made.

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  3. The colors are so gorgeous, the color of nature and water 😀 I know how to crochet but I don’t know how to knit 😀


  4. I have recently developed a taste for knitting so I am always on a hunt to find posts and videos for ideas. So glad to have landed on your page 🙂 This is awesomely described… will definitely try knitting a dishcloth. I’m sure to impress a few people with this haha

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  5. My grandmother taught me the basics of knitting years ago but I never did much with it. This year, I’m hoping to dedicate time to a few projects. This one is perfect!

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  6. My mom loves to knit 🙂 I am sure she would love to know about this type of knit 😀 and since it has a video I guess I can try my hands on it too 😀

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