Michaels Yarn Selection


I recently went to my local Michaels store to check out their selection of yarn which was very nice. I love seeing all the dif20190107_2149122980125862743435480.jpgferent colors, sizes, and textures of yarn. I also love that they always have a sale or a coupon for you to use if there isn’t a sale.  I personally could stay in the yarn section all day. There’s so much to choose from. My absolute favorite are the huge cake yarns in bold and bright colors. I couldn’t resist picking up a couple of these for my next project.

I’ve been making things for my family because of the holidays but I’m super excited now that the holidays are over because I can make something beautiful for myself. I love pinks, blues, greens, and yellows so I chose a cake yarn that included all of those colors. I’m thinking I might make my first pair of socks or maybe some cute mittens to wear since I’ve already made a very bright and colorful scarf.

One might think I’m a yarn addict, but hey why not create. It’s fun seeing what a ball of yarn can become as well as giving my creations as gifts.

I did take a video of some of the selection that Michaels has to offer. If you’re interested click the link below. ENJOY!!




21 thoughts on “Michaels Yarn Selection”

  1. What a lovely collection of materials for knitting. I would not mind spending one day just knitting but I know it will annoy me to the moon and back if I have an unfinished project.

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  2. Though I don’t knit, I grew up watching my parents knit by the fire on cold winter nights. They still have many of the gloves, hats, and scarves they created then. Love to see all the colors available now!

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