Easy Yarn Octopus


It’s getting closer to Valentine’s day and I’ve been trying to think of things to fill my daughter’s homemade gift basket with. I came across these cute little yarn octopus that I knew she would love. She adores any kind of doll or stuffed animal so I knew this would be perfect and very easy to do. I think homemade gifts are priceless. It will always be sentimental and something that she can cherish from me.

To create the yarn octopuses I picked up some pink yarn, because it’s her favorite color, and again it’s close to Valentine’s day. I also purchased a foam ball to use for the head. Some optional things I purchased for decoration was some ribbon for a bow, specifically Doc Mcstuffins ribbon because she loves her. I also purchased some eyes. However, you can create the octopus without any of these things or you can purchase whatever you decide to decorate your octopus with such as a mouth, hat, etc.

If you’re interested in seeing how I created these octopuses please view the video tutorial below. It will be easier to follow the video as opposed to written instructions.


1 ball pink yarn – bulky size 6

1 foam ball

1 piece of cardboard






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