EASY Floral Centerpiece



Hey Everyone!

It’s super close to Valentine’s day and I thought it appropriate to start doing a few Valentine’s day related crafts. For my first craft I wanted to do something that would be inexpensive but also easy. I decided to male a floral centerpiece using DOLLAR TREE items!! I love the dollar tree because everything is literally one dollar or less.

I also chose the floral centerpiece because it will go perfectly on my table for a candle lit dinner. My husband and I prefer to stay in on Valentine’s day and go out a few days before or a few days after Valentine’s day to celebrate. However, even though we don’t go out on that day we still try to have a romantic night at home. I like to decorate the table with candles and flowers and cook a nice delicious dinner.

If you’re interested in learning how to create this centerpiece click the link below for the video tutorial. I will also list the materials and instructions below for those who prefer written instructions.


1 Foam Ball (dollar tree)

2 glass candle holders (dollar tree)

Flowers (dollar tree)

E6000 glue (Walmart)



Glue the two candle holders together to make a longer centerpiece.

Glue the foam ball onto the top of the candle holders that were glued together previously.

Pull the flowers off of the stems.

Put a little glue on each stem and insert into the foam until the foam is full of flowers.

Let it dry over night.




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